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If you want your gear repaired, the place to start is here, fill out the form below and once it is submitted we will get things underway.

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Terms and Conditions:


Proof of purchase maybe required to proceed with a warranty claim. Failure to provide this may cause delays in the warranty process. Please note: For Smartphone repairs, the firmware and OS are updated resulting in the deletion of any data stored on the phone. Please ensure you have your own back up, this is a Manufacturer requirement.


Any faults detected that are not covered under the "Manufacturer's Warranty" terms and conditions will incur the minimum billing rate. Any further chargeable work will only be carried out on approval of the customer/client. Examples such as non-warranty faults: cleaning, software, viruses, spillage and impact damage. It is the responsibility of the owner to back up any data prior to the computer being shipped/logged in. We in no way warranty the integrity or safety of the data.


Repair quotations are subject to change if any unforseen faults are encountered during the repair process. The customer/client will be contacted prior to the extra repairs commencing.

Inspection Fee:

The inspection fee covers the time taken to diagnose the fault/s and document the repair event. Some faults can be repaired during\ the initial diagnosis and required no extra charge. If any additional labour time or hardware parts are required for the repair, an additional quotation is provided prior to the repair commencing.

Billing Rates:

$90.00 + GST - Diagnostic Charge $90.00+ GST - Hourly Labour tier

Three Months:

Should these goods not be collected within three months from date received, Connect NZ Group reserves the right to resell or dismantle for parts, to recoup any cost. Goods may also be disposed of.
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