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open iphone 5Frustrated with your damaged device? We can help.

Have you got a faulty, broken or damaged device? We are here to help. Our team is full of technology enthusiasts and they understand the importance of mobile devices, tablets and laptops in our everyday lives and the impact and disruption to people when they are without them. We are empathetic and focused on minimising customer effort during the life of a repair and getting a fully functioning unit back to you as quickly as possible is our primary goal.

"Let us, help you to get back up and running."

We will collect your broken device from your door. Assess it, repair it and return it to you to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Our aim is to get this done for you with a minimum amount of fuss or effort and for the lowest price possible.

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Connect is the repair team for you and if you are ready to get the ball rolling contact us as soon as possible via free phone on 0800 112 333 or click below to get underway. We will promptly organise collection of your device.

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